Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tipping at SWTOR - Augments

Another tip for Star Wars: The Old Republic. As I find this, I'll keep posting. Because why not?

I've been leveling the crap out of Slicing lately, because it is made of pure money, something I'll post about in the future. With Slicing, you send your companions on missions to acquire one of two things: Augments or Lockboxes. It took me a while to figure out what Augments are any good for, so I share with you here.
As I've mentioned before, items can have several mod slots in them, with each slot being of a specific type. You have your core mod, which is only accessible for orange items, and it is specific to the type of item. Armor has Armoring, lightsabers have Hilts, guns have Barrels. This mod defines the base damage of the weapon as well.

There will also be a slot for Mod or Enhancement modifications. Same basic thing, you put mods into those slots that work for it. Yay.

But today, we mention Augments, the secret 4th type of modification. Augment slots will only appear in crafted items, and only those that are Exceptional. Which is to say, you craft an item, you crit on it, and the difference between the critted version and the normal is that the critted version has an Augment slot. Yay! More customization.

Augments do not have base combat stats in them (Aim, Strength, Cunning, Wisdom, the things that increase your effectiveness). Instead, they carry secondary stats, like Power, Critical, Surge, etc. I'll need to post on those someday, too.

Anyway, if you don't make your own stuff, the only place to get an item that can hold an Augment is on the Galactic Trade Network. But it can be worth it.

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  1. Just so ya know augments do have primary stats in them. . . .