Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Obligatory, Introductory, Definitory, Vague

I have been considering creating a blog for some time now, because I like to write and I don't do it enough. I have plenty of topics I could conceivably write about. For the moment, they will all go here.

The initial purpose of this depository of miscellany is to describe and, to a very limited degree, analyze various systems I find in the games I play, read about, explore, hear people talk about, etc. I am not a game designer. I play many games. My word is not law. It is hardly definitive, it is unlikely to be consistent from one moment to the next, and it is almost certainly uninformed in some capacity. I am not an expert, and I am capable of changing my opinions very quickly.

That said, I love games, of all kinds. I enjoy video games. I enjoy table-top RPGs. I have been know to play LARPs. I read tabletop RPG systems for amusement. I watch videos, read articles and listen to pointless conversations about games I don't intend to play. For games that I do play, I enjoy researching how best to play them, optimal character builds, shortcuts, etc. In short, I am a game nerd, with no particular focus.

So the point here is that this will be a repository of opinions and examinations of such things, because I like to do that. I will try to be concise. I will be clear when my statements are my opinion or guesses and whether they are fact - though you should not expect too much by way of sources. That sounds like work.

This won't be regular. It won't be Expert Level Commentary. It'll just be me writing stuff about things I'm interested, and hopefully I will be able to entertain and inform with it.

If I don't, well, that happens, too.

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