Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SWTOR: Awkward Moments

"Why don't you just let the military handle this..."

This is what I said to a guy on Balmorra who was panicking about getting something done. I play a Trooper, so I have a very military bent to all of the things I say. When he mentioned his inability to get the job done, I chose the "I'll handle this" option and the above is what I said. Nice and simple.

Except I was running with a group when this happened. I've decided to try leveling with a group for a bit, so I can see more of the game - I get to spectate for the other character's stories - and also actually do some of the heroic quests. My sister and her husband are playing Jedi, a Consular and Knight respectively, so we have very different activities.

So when we first start the conversation with this fellow, it's the Knight who starts the conversation. "Oh, thank goodness, a Jedi, maybe you can help." And then the poor fellow gives out his sob story of being sucky at his job of guard/rebel/soldier and asks us to do it for him. And I say the above line.

The context of the conversation changed a great deal there. I am the Captain of an elite Special Forces unit in the Republic military. I am a badass, and so are my squad. Heck, I just went into an Imperial Destroyer with only one partner in tow and captured the whole thing. I'm awesome. And this guy is all "Oh, thank goodness, a Jedi." I am learning why the Republic military hates the Jedi. Friggin' scene-stealing, scenery-chewing, showboating psychics.

And I'm reaching a point where if someone tells me me "May the Force be with you" one more time...

What this really highlights for me is the strangeness of the team conversation in everyday use. Sure, you see it all the time in Flashpoints, and occasionally in heroic quests, but you don't fully see how weird these team-ups are until you're teaming for plain old quests. Suddenly every ounce of praise given to a Jedi is one more insult to Havoc Squad. Every time you flirt is one more time you try to mack on some chick while a judgmental space monk is watching.

It's fun, but it changes the way the story progresses. I love being able to breeze through difficult areas, and actually accomplish heroics. But it's at the cost of me feeling like I get my due. Which is funny. Also, I get no more affection from my companion, because she's never around. Very frustrating.


  1. I've learned to love being a complete arrogant ass while playing the Bounty Hunter. Especially an alien Hunter, which the Empire seems to have very little love for.

    Jedi, Imperial Officer, Sith, whatever... your mouth is moving, and I'm not hearing anything that sounds like "credits"... why are we still talking again? :-)

  2. Is the grunt complaining again? He should have more respect..
    and may the force be with you...

  3. I've found that it's rather enjoyable to group with someone whose character has a completely different spin on life.

    Abs' holier-than-thou Jedi Shadow and my dark-sided Smuggler Scoundrel are very Odd Couple-esque when questing together. It can make for some awkward NPC conversations when his Jedi gives a very benevolent response immediately followed by my being inappropriate -- trying to put the moves on somebody's widow, selling some children's medicine, or hitting on a Senator.